Kava, Kratom, and Kombucha… oh my!

In the past ten years, people have started to understand the power of plant medicine. With more and more states legalizing cannabis, it has brought attention to how plants can work with our bodies to heal. This is not a new thing. Plants have been used for thousands of years …

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Cooking with Cannabis: Easy Lollipops

Medical cannabis in Florida is in it’s infancy. Current legal limitations prevent us from buying marijuana plants, buds, flower, or edibles. It does not, however, make it illegal to use the products we are permitted to buy in our own recipes. Working from plant matter, the process for making an …

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The Importance of Testing

Friend: Wanna try this? Cannabis newbie: What is it? Friend: A joint. Marijuana. Cannabis newbie: Yeah, sure, but what is marijuana? Friend: It’s a plant. How bad can it be? The real answer is, “potentially very very bad.” That’s where testing comes in. Most newbies know very little about the …

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