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Strain Review: Birds of Paradise

Strain Lineage and Summary

Birds of Paradise was first cultivated by Dynasty Genetics, crossing Kali Snapple and Blue Heron. This cultivar is a perfect example of the flawed and outdated cannabis classification system. Of course I am referencing the “Indica-Sativa-Hybrid” paradigm used to distinguish the effects of various cannabis cultivars.

While GrowHealthy labels Birds of Paradise as a sativa cut, in my experience, it acts as a near perfect hybrid. This particular cut tests at just under 26% THC. With THC levels typically resting between 17% on the low end to upwards of 25%+ on the higher end, this specific batch falls on the higher end of the spectrum. In addition to high levels of THC, as well as robust cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles, it is no wonder why Birds of Paradise continues to grow in popularity among the medical and responsible adult use cannabis communities.

Appearance, Structure, Trim, and Cure (4.75/5)


This eighth consisted of 3 larger buds, and 3 smaller nugs, rounding out the weight to over 3.6 grams. The flower is airy and light, sporting so many trichomes the color of the bud is as much white as it is green. The sporadic orange hairs provide a nice contrast to the overall appearance. It is easy to see that this flower was given much love throughout all stages of cultivation, ending with a beautiful hand trim.

Scent and Flavor (4.5/5)


Despite the fact that this batch only contains a total of .738% terpenes, the flavor and scent are delicious. The dominant terpenes included in this batch of Birds of Paradise are beta-myrcene, alpha-pinene, trans-caryophyllene, and limonene. While the scent isn’t overwhelming upon opening the jar, give one bud a little pinch and the room fills with flavor. The scents and tastes I found most prevalent were a mix of pineapple, mango, blueberry, and pine, with an aftertaste of earthy hash.

Medicinal Effects (4.75/5)


Birds of Paradise is one of those cuts that can be used almost anytime throughout the day, from a wake & bake to a nighttime session before bed. While the initial effects provide a mild burst of energy, concentration, and creativity, there is absolutely zero paranoia, and those feelings transition quickly to a more calming energy, blissful, and relaxing. I’d recommend Birds of Paradise for a whole gamut of illnesses. Those with anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues can find amazing relief with this strain. Further, those suffering with symptoms from chronic pain, arthritis, glaucoma, stomach ailments, neurological disorders (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s), HIV/AIDS, and all types of cancers will find this a helpful strain as well.

P.S. I also picked up 1 gram of the Birds of Paradise MPX Rosin. Now, that is a 5 out of 5. 


Sativa-Indica-Hybrid Paradigm

All people can have different reactions to the same cannabis medicine or product. Cannabis is a very complex substance, even more so when using it for specific medicinal purposes. Every individual has a distinct endocannabinoid system, which can make it difficult to predict the effects of cannabis from one individual to the next. For example, a cultivar labeled as a sativa may cause one individual to have sensations of sleepiness, lethargy, or other feelings typically associated with indica strains. The opposite can be true as well.

In addition, some believe the sativa-indica-hybrid paradigm is an outdated classification and marketing system. I happen to agree. Instead of relying on broad categories, one is much better off learning the intricacies of his or her individual endocannabinoid system as well as the compounds that make up this miraculous plant, particularly cannabinoids and terpenes. It will be a lot of trial and error to start, taking notice of how one reacts to each cultivar, and most important, the cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles that make up each cultivar. Eventually, the presence of cannabinoids and terpenes will become a useful guide as to what medicines work best for an individual’s particular ailments.

For Beginners

Finally, for all new patients starting their journey to healing with cannabis, please medicate responsibly. Always remember and practice the following when first beginning a medical cannabis regimen: “start low and go slow.”



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