3 minute cannabis edible

3-Minute Cannabis Edible

How to Make 3-Minute Cannabis Edibles

No, really! It seriously only takes three minutes to make these 3-minute cannabis edibles. There are just two main ingredients, chocolate and distillate, to make this incredibly delicious cannabis infused treat. If you are a fan of microdosing, this is an essential recipe. Medicating has never been so easy. Let's get started.

3-minute cannabis edible ingredients
Total Time Needed: 3 minutes

Required Tools:

- Small glass bowl
- Coffee mug
- Kitchen scale
- Spatula
- Candy bar mold

Ingredients Needed

- 1g Concentrate of your choice (we are using VidaCann’s indica RSO)
- 94g Ghirardelli dark chocolate melts
- Pinch sunflower lecithin (optional)
- Flavored extract (mint works well to disguise the cannabis flavor)

The Process

Step 1: Heat water
Put some water in a coffee mug and heat it in the microwave for about a minute.
Step 2: Weigh out chocolate
While the water is heating, weigh out your chocolate and place it in a small microwave safe bowl.
Step 3: Put syringe in water
Put the closed syringe in the coffee cup to warm up the cartridge. This will make it easier to push the plunger down and get all the product out.
Step 4: Heat chocolate
While the distillate is heating, place the chocolate in the microwave and heat it on high for about 30 seconds. Check the chocolate after 30 seconds and if it is not melted, heat it in 10 second increments until it does. I usually stir the chocolate at each increment to evenly melt the chocolate.
Step 5: Add lecithin
Add a pinch of sunflower lecithin and mix well.
Step 6: Add concentrate
Remove the syringe from the hot water and carefully add it to the chocolate. Caution: It may squirt out fast!
Step 7: Mix
Mix thoroughly.
Step 8: Pour into mold
Using a spatula, add the infused melted chocolate to the mold. Tap the mold on the counter to allow the chocolate to spread evenly and to allow any air bubbles to come to the surface.
Step 9: Chill
Place in refrigerator for about 15 minutes or until solid.
Step 10: Store and enjoy
Store in the refrigerator in an air-tight container or in a cool, dry place on the counter.

Silicone Mold

You can find the cannabis candy bar mold used in this recipe on Amazon.

Have a few more minutes?

Check out this 10-Minute Double Boiler edible recipe.



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