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HumanKIND in the Community

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, will ever be wasted.”

A box of crayons. That’s all it took for me to give a child her best Thanksgiving ever. I have never received so many hugs and thank yous in my life. It got me thinking about the small things and what it takes to change someone’s world.

My world became brighter when my neighbor, stricken with Addison’s Disease, woke up extra early on my son’s first day of school to walk with us. I suffer from severe panic disorder and was afraid I wouldn’t make it to the school. She went out of her way to be with me that day even though many days can be a struggle for her as well. I also remember the time after Hurricane Irma when my son’s backpack was lost when we evacuated. I had no money to buy him a new one. Tony Platania (a friend who I had only known through social media) went out of his way to make sure that my son had a new backpack. People like this do exist. They are models of what we all should strive to be.

We're all in this together

We are living in tough times, there is no doubt about that. But should we have to struggle? What can we do to turn things around? The answer is quite simple really… random acts of selfless kindness.

As I sit here and write this, my mind is filled with so many things I have seen over the years. Isaac Holeva, for instance, came down from Pennsylvania after Hurricane Irma to help clear debris, clear properties of downed trees, serve food to those without power, and just lend a helping hand where needed. He wasn’t paid to do this, and many times he didn’t even know the people he was personally assisting. He just wanted to help, as he always has done and will continue to do.

Jeanette Igoe, a believer of essential oils and provider of CBD oil, has gone and given her time and product to those in need of alternatives to traditional medicine. She has done extreme research to not only help people, but their pets as well. She is a role model to those who choose natural and true healing without big Pharma medications.

Deanna Moser is a wonderful woman who struggles with her own health issues but she still manages to run a Facebook group that gives away cannabis-themed socks. She asks for no payment. In fact, she asks for nothing in return. She just wants to make other smile and help us hold on a little bit of hope that so many of us have lost. Her group consists of women who have never met before, but reach out to each other during our struggles just to say, “thank you for being there for me.”

Michael Mick, along with the St. John the Evangelist Church and The Knights of Columbus recently fed over 2,500 Collier County families this Thanksgiving. It gave those who are destitute a reason to be thankful. It was a beautiful sharing of love… and food.

Holiday kindness

I’ve always told my son, Jude, the one thing that makes you beautiful is your heart. We are a rainbow of colored skin. We have different ideologies and beliefs. However, that is what makes each and every one of us a gift. So why not share the gift with those around us? All it takes is for each person to perform one kind act per day (no matter how miniscule) to be the change you want to see…

The holidays are upon us! Many of you are joyous. However, there are others who need help just getting through this time of year. Some need financial assistance while other need and crave emotional acceptance. Life can be difficult. It usually is! However, we are a community of human beings who have the ability to change even when we believe change is not truly possible. And we can help others to change as well. If a man is sitting alone in a restaurant, offer to pay for his meal. If a child isn’t able to participate in sports, consider sponsoring him/her. If the elderly couple down the street cannot decorate their home for Christmas, offer to lend a hand and hang some lights. If the bus driver looks haggard from dealing with children each and every day, toss him a bottled water and a smile. Just saying thank you with a smile on your face goes a lot further than you would realize.

As I attempt to close this article, I’m wondering who else I should have included or what more I could have said. I believe the greatest thing I can do for you is inspire you to do more and be more… not only during the holidays, but throughout the rest of the year. We need to utilize the love in our hearts that we have been given.

Simple Acts of Everyday Kindness



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