Revive Publisher: My Healing Journey

Greetings, and welcome to the revolution.  A lot has changed in the past year since we last published an issue. The virus, and the ensuing lockdown, effectively shut off our ability to continue to provide everyone with a reliable, easily digestible, fun, and most importantly, educational resource for navigating the world of health and wellness. The time the virus took from everyone, us included, gave time to reflect inward upon ourselves. That’s when I figured it out… How can one educate wellness when one of the founders himself was not well? It was time for my healing journey.

Stories of Courage

Revive has published “Stories of Courage” throughout our existence, highlighting individuals who faced diversity and sorrow, yet overcame and thrived. Silently I published those stories, while keeping my own version of myself separate from reality.

For thirty years, I danced blissfully to the subtle notes of alcohol, my muse always a willing partner in this waltz. It wasn’t until, and with the assistance of psychedelic medicines, that I was able to step back and realize I was no longer the one leading the dance… I was a passively becoming a slave to it.

I watched as my soulmate, Lisa, retreated slowly away from my self-destruction, yet finding a way of thriving as only she can do. She founded a wellness center (changed its location three times and had a car drive through one of the locations.  Yes, it went through the building). Ultimately the wellness center gained a partner (and a name change) and turned into a ketamine clinic – which yielded some amazing results.

My Healing Journey: A Time for Rebirth

Meanwhile… With the compassion of some very special people, I was afforded the opportunity for rebirth, a new dance card if you will. I spent 26 days at Road to Recovery Wellness Center in Fort Lauderdale. I want to also give a heartfelt thank you to one of the founders, Adam Lundquist. Adam graciously guided me through an addiction recovery program that is a shining example of forward thinking and a real solution for a serious problem. Every client is given access to obtain a Florida medical marijuana card, TMS brain mapping, and ketamine assisted therapy. No other facility is doing this in the country.

Time to Revive

I left the other coast armed with a new toolbox. Ideas, emotions, even living took on a whole new dimension for me. I was, in my mind, born anew, the possibilities endless. Synchronicities abound when you view life with the opportunities I have found. While I was bettering myself, my whole self, Lisa was silently planning and structuring a safety net for my return. Then, at the end of last year, she left the center so we could pursue our new endeavours together…

Revive Magazine

First, Revive Magazine needed to return… not just for us, but also for you, the reader, our current friends, and friends we haven’t met yet. Yes, information on cannabis, its uses, and benefits are still very important components of overall wellness.  But I can’t help but revert back to the original component that helped me open the door for recovery, and that is psychedelic medicines. This “Feel Good” edition of Revive is especially helpful as it gives a primer, an introduction if you will, to psychedelic medicines, their uses, current legal status, and more.

So… once again, I’d like to welcome you to the revolution.



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