Cannabigerol cannabinoid cannabis plant.

What is CBG?

First there was THC

Most of you, by now, have probably heard of THC – the molecule that makes everyone hungry and opens up a whirlwind of creative thought processes. Some call it medicating, while others call it getting “stoned.” No matter what you call the reaction to THC, there is no doubt that this molecule can do a lot for us. So what is CBG? First let’s take a look at CBD.

Then there was CBD

Over the last few years, another molecule from the cannabis plant has gain some popularity as “all the good things about weed without getting ‘stoned'” called CBD. Although it hasn’t been proven that CBD can “fix” or “cure” anything, many people are swearing by it and expressing a humongous spectrum of relief. You can eat it, smoke it, rub it, drink it, drop it, bathe in it, and even use it rectally or vaginally, in order to live a new life, free from ailments and unnecessary side effects.

CBG: The best from both

Now… Just imagine for a second… What could possibly come from ingesting a molecule that is the “stem” of both THC and CBD?

That’s what you’re dealing with when consuming CBG, or cannabigerol. It’s the initial covalent (bond that results from sharing of an electron between two atoms) compound in the hemp plant. It’s like the asexual parent of your favorite molecules (CBD and THC) and it’s generating a whole new buzz throughout the cannabis industry.

As cannabis grows and flourishes – whether in your closet or in a 100,000ftindustrial grow – the CBG slowly converts to either THC or CBD depending on the genetics. While more and more information is coming to the surface about this cannabinoid, farmers and geneticists are learning to create high CBG strains that withhold the CBG content until harvest. This is creating a steady incline in the availability of CBG, and clearing the way for CBG to undergo more testing and field studies to determine what it’s really doing to our bodies.

Out of sheer desire to learn more and enable ourselves to educate the people, the Steve’s Goods team has been conducting what we call “CBG Ceremonies.” The ceremonies consist of ingesting CBG isolate and CBG oil tinctures and using CBG topicals, then developing intriguing dialogue with other key players from throughout the hemp industry, and closing with a yoga session to really observe the way the CBG effects the body.

The results: Game-changing.

What we've seen

We can honestly say (from our own perspective and the perspective of our colleagues) that the CBG has an obvious effect on the entire central nervous system as an anti-inflammatory. You know that feeling you get, when something really epic is happening, and your whole body gets those unique chills running down your spine? It’s comparable to that, except a bit more subtle and drawn out for what could be hours. Not only that – but the mental clarity, focus, and energy that comes from it reminds me of the creative buzz that can come from THC, except without the confusion and scattered thoughts.

At the first ever CBG ceremony, we tried CBG, then CBG+CBD, then THC, then CBG again. Imagine this: You’re medicated. Your pain level is minimal and you just feel really good. Your thoughts are creative, yet they are hard to execute on and hard to focus on. This is fine, except the fact that you have stuff to do and you can’t keep losing track of the task at hand. Then all of a sudden, a powerful cannabinoid becomes available that not only cleans up your thought process, but provides you with enough focus and energy to bust out some new karate moves.

That said – CBG has been said to actually clean your endocannabinoid receptors in a way that helps you come down from being too medicated.

All in all, the CBG movement is among us – along with tons of other cannabinoids that are still so behind in the research they deserve. CBN, CBC, CBT, and an endless spectrum of plant molecules that have been providing relief to humans since we can recall. We always recommend to utilize these cannabinoids together in what’s called a “full spectrum” product, but try them out and see for yourself how they can help you. Everyone’s body is different, from the CB1 receptors to the way we cut our sandwiches – but remember, we’re all full spectrum people.



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